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Nestled in the hills of southern Chester County Pennsylvania, Red Oak Press is a small, family business. We make letterpress greeting cards.

The business is staffed by Leslie Kedash, a talented and experienced graphic designer, and her husband Rick Ziesing, who is our pressman and general "manager". We pretty much do it all.

We use a lot of old technology. From modern design software, we generate files to sent to an old imagesetter (negative maker) to produce film.

This film is placed over photopolymer material, exposed to UV light and washed in water to produce printing plates which are affixed to one of our three Heidelberg Tiegel presses from the 1970's, The presses are inked with hand mixed color matched Pantone colors and printed one color at a time. Scored for folding, trimmed on our trusty old paper cutter and packaged in clear sleeves with envelopes.

We print on USA made cotton and pulp stock. We have a minuscule carbon footprint. (for those who worry intensely about such things)

We pride ourselves on the quality of our paper, the full rich color which often comes from multiple passes through our presses, and the inherent quality of product which results from great ingredients, a great recipe and artful cooking.

We ship quickly, gladly accept (undamaged) returns if you don't love what you receive from us. Of course, any defective cards are exchanged for free with few questions asked.

We welcome custom work from discerning individuals with taste and an understanding of letterpress printing.

Feel free to contact us at rick@redoakpress.com with any questions you may have.