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Polymer Plates that won't lay flat

If you use photopolymer plates for printing, you know that if you have a dense plate, they have a tendency to curl up as they dry over the course of time. You can keep them in baggies but they still do it. So...I used to soak a paper towel in water, squeeze out the excess and place it in a baggie with the plate (without touching the plate) and blow the bag full of air and seal it and wait overnight for the plate to relax.

But... today, I didn't have time for this little drill so I thunk to myself, what else would do it. Well, we just happen to have a garment steamer around the shop that my wife uses for photo shoots and such. Turns out you can straighten out a curled plate in about 45 seconds using the steam.

Now that's handy.

January 17, 2010 by admin
Tags: Windmills
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