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Personal Man Cards

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We've often thought that the male of the species has been sadly neglected by designers of personal stationery. Hey, men are people too, right?  (there are those who might question this) There are a few of us left who know the value and satisfaction of sending a hand written note on a beautiful piece of paper. So...for all you men (and self assured women) out there, here's the first of our "Man" cards. These are printed on Crane Lettra paper, which is 100% cotton and derives from waste products destined for the old dump. Can you say green? We're kind of tired of the "greener than thou" self righteous hollering of every business that uses actual materials to manufacture their product, but we feel ok using this paper. It's also made here in the USA, where powerful little still is. So, no trees, no dump, Rosie the Riveter and all that jazz. Do something to stop the decline of civility, instant everything and facetweet. Write a note, your mother would be proud of you.

January 11, 2010 by admin
Tags: Personal
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