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Christmas Card

[caption id="attachment_3310" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="©Red Oak Press"]brushfar[/caption]

We were fortunate to work with a wonderful client who allowed us to make this design a reality. Two runs of green for the stable, two separate runs for the green horizontal lines, two for "Merry Christmas" and 2 for the small text in the box. One for the gray wash. 9 passes...that's a lot. And boy, was it fun. (and this press was made in the 1970's..what a great machine.)

December 12, 2009 by admin
Tags: Custom
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Thina said:

This is a photo of my mom (she’s the one in the green) laughing with her fndreis from elemantary school at one of their daughters’ bridal showers. I love that you all are inspired by her and her pals I know I have been! I could fill up encyclopedias of how great a woman she is, and the magic of her lifelong fndreiships. Thanks to Olivia!

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